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Can I Switch My Tickets To A Different Day or Time?
Yes! To switch your tickets to a different date or time, log into www.MaingateTickets.com using the email and password you created at checkout. From there, you will need to select the new day and time from the drop down menu. (You may need to scroll right if you are using a smaller device). You can then resend the ticket to yourself and you are all set!
I can't find or did not get a ticket email.
First, be sure and search your Junk/ Spam folder for "Your MainGate Ticket Order". If it is not there, log into www.maingatetickets.com using the email and password you created at checkout. From there you can resend the ticket email to yourself or enter a different email if the original one was rejected or incorrect.
Do I Need To Print My Tickets?
No. You do not have to print your tickets. You can show the ticket right from your device however, you can bring a printed ticket if you'd like.
What happens to my tickets if an event is canceled or postponed.
If the event is cancelled, you will receive a full refund back to the credit card of your initial purchase. If the event date is postponed, your tickets will be honored at the new event date. This exclusively applies to show cancellations or postponements and does not cover any other reasons why you may not be able to attend the event.
On my bank statement, it looks like I was charged twice...
If you log into www.maingatetickets.com and only see 1 order, that usually indicates that that during checkout, you may have clicked the pay now button more than once, OR at least your browser registered a second click. Don't worry though. the additional charge will just show as pending and fall of after a few days automatically. If you DO see more orders than you intended, please email info@maingatetickets.com and include the order number for the order you mistakenly placed. Our team will verify if it is a duplicate and help get it corrected.
I did not receive tickets but see a charge on my bank statement.
Most likely, you card was actually declined. When a bank declines a credit card transaction, they sometimes place a hold on the funds which is remove itself after a few days. Call the number on the back of your card and they will explain the decline. If it was flagged for fraud protection, they will clear the flag and have you try the purchase again.
Why was my credit card declined?
When a credit card gets declined it can be one of several reasons. Usually it is because of incorrect payment information like the billing address you entered does not match what the bank has on file. Another reason could be that it was flagged for fraud protection. If you have double checked the address and it still got declined, call the number on the back of the card and ask them why they declined the transaction. If it was due to fraud protection, they can remove the flag and have you try the purchase again.

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